About Alex Fuentes

Gastronomy is a way to tell stories. I cook to share mine; Cedrón was born of the inspiration of different landscapes and flavours: the mediterranean and its harbors, major city brasseries and the world’s colorful markets.

–Alejandro Fuentes, cook and traveler

Cedrón is chef Alex Fuentes’s X-ray, an extension of his personality. The dishes speak for themselves, about his passion for cooking, about using salt and pepper with more magic than cunning and most importantly, about the concept of restoration. Alex Fuentes cooks to restore.



Este año tuvimos festivales de postres, de hamburguesas, de comida francesa; escuchamos atentamente cada sugerencia de nuestros comensales, viajamos tantas veces a la Central de Abastos, a Xochimilco, a buscar lo más fresco... ¡Gracias, 2018!


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